Gutter & Chimney Cleaning

Ah gutters… They sit on top of our homes and workplaces, so it’s often very easy to ignore them and forget all about them. That is, until you’re struggling with an overflowing gutter during a freak rainstorm and then suddenly the downpour is in your kitchen. The good news is that we can help! By keeping your gutters clean and tidy, you can avoid the deluge in your lounge room. A scissor lift or boom lift from Skyhigh Solutions is the answer to your cleaning needs – because while a ladder can do the job you might have a high roof or just value your safety – and after all, a boom is always going to be a lot safer than a precariously perched ladder. Keeping your gutters clean in Melbourne has never been easier than to Skyhigh.

In addition to gutters the Skyhigh team also facilitate chimney cleaning – and make light work of it thanks to their range of service and equipment. Imagine the wonderful feeling of being able to light up a roaring fire in the hearth come wintertime – and it’ll all be thanks to the fact that you used the team’s range of equipment to do a simple job. You won’t find a better range or friendlier staff for scissor lift hire in Melbourne anywhere else, especially as the team are part of a family run business that has a huge range of experience in supplying a variety of lifts and access tools across Melbourne.

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