5 Uses for a Scissor Lift

June 23 2015

A scissor lift is essentially a mobile platform that can raise you to a certain height vertically, using hydraulic mechanisms, to complete a particular job such as lighting work or CCTV installation. Scissor lift hire is great for customers who need a piece of machinery that is compact and easily fit through narrow spaces. These vehicles are also suited to both indoor use and outdoor usage, as it produces zero emissions and creates little noise. Therefore providing a solution for those eco friendly companies who want an alternative to using ladders. In addition to this, they can be equipped with non-marking tyres in order to avoid floor markings, meaning they can be used in commercial spaces as well as in industrial ones.

In fact, scissor lift hire in Melbourne is aimed at a quite wide range of different individuals, from sporting clubs to builders, which reflects the large range of tasks that a scissor lift is capable of undertaking. Scissor lifts come in many sizes and many shapes, ranging from compact platforms that are used in warehouse aisles or in order to access small doorways, to industrial sized lifts used to reach heights of above 20 metres.

Uses for a scissor lift

  1. Warehouse facilities – making use of the height of the facility is one of the most cost-effective ways of storing large amounts of goods in quite a limited area. This simply means that a scissor lift will be needed to reach, store as well as collect stock from fairly higher levels.
  2. Delivery and logistics – those goods that are much heavy to be loaded by hand can require the help of a work platform so as to get them on to the delivery vehicle. In this case, a scissor lift is the best option.
  3. Loading bays – instead of a permanent lift solution, scissor lifts can comfortably provide easy loading of the goods or even personnel to a range of heights.
  4. Transport – when it comes to a large and multi-level facility, scissor lifts are mostly employed in order to transport products and also equipment to higher floors. For example pallet lifts and roll-cages.
  5. Assembly lines – at times, assembly stages usually involve heavy lifting or sometimes require access to high heights. An aerial work platform actually makes this easy and also safe for the operator.

These are just a few of the popular uses, but there are so many applications of scissor lifts that can be found in various industries. If you’d like to find out more about how you could make use of a scissor lift, then why not contact Sky High Solutions and find out how a scissor lift could benefit your business.

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